Werrington Local History Group Letter to Members

WLHG Sept-Dec 21 letter to members

Dear Members.

It was very encouraging to have an attendance of thirty-two at our first meeting back. Sue Jakeman, the “bee lady,” gave us an excellent, detailed talk with plenty of humour. She suggested we ask questions as they came to us rather than at the end and we learnt a lot, even if we’d heard her speak before. Some went away with their purchase of a jar of honey.

It was decided that wearing a mask would be optional; however we would encourage members to wear masks at least while moving around the building.

Windows will be open for ventilation. We will try to achieve a balance between the need for fresh air and keeping warm. We suggest you bring a jumper/coat for when the evening chills down.

The chairs were socially distanced and we will continue to do this when possible. We would welcome more volunteers to help set the room up for meetings and help pack away. Your committee comprises of only four members and not all of us are fit enough to be able to do some of the more physical jobs.

Raffle. This will be reinstated thanks to Mary & Bill.

Refreshments. We will only be able to offer refreshments if volunteers come forward on a rota basis.

Everything you need will be in the kitchen. You just need to make the drinks, wash up and tidy up. We will contact those who kindly offered re our October meeting, but you may find that sometimes there are and sometimes there aren’t refreshments. We would welcome a volunteer/s to co-ordinate a rota as well as more volunteers.

We hope our meetings for the rest of this year will be as follows, however the programme may need to change last minute or a meeting cancelled. Please visit this blog for the latest details.

Thursday 7th October. “Being a Pantomime Dame.” John Lillyman.

An interactive talk, “Oh yes it is!” John will take us through different stories about life as a dame and anecdotes from local performances. There will be a chance to interact.

Thursday 4th November. The Gunpowder Plot. Stuart Orme.

“Remember, remember, the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot…” Why do we celebrate the demise of Guy Fawkes every November 5th? Who were the plotters and what were their aims? Could the plot ever have succeeded? This talk looks at the myth and reality of the Gunpowder Plot – and some of the local connections.

Thursday 2nd December. Father Christmas. Myths and Mistletoe. Mike Wabe.

Mike will talk about how Father Christmas is known by different names around the world and how some of our Christmas “traditions” came to be. The evening will finish with the reading of the poem “T’was the night before Christmas”.

If you could help us contact speakers to give directions to the hall, find out their requirements e.g. projector, screen, table/s etc, remind them/check they are still available about a week before the meeting, send an email after the meeting thanking them for their talk, please email us at werringtonlhg@gmail.com  

We look forward to seeing you at future meetings.

Werrington Local History Group Committee.

Werrington Local History Group


Thursday 7th October

It Shouldn’t Happen to a
Pantomine Dame

John Lillyman

Oh yes it is !

John will take us through different stories about life as a dame and anecdotes from local performances. There will be a chance to interact.

7.30 pm

Werrington Parish Village Centre

All Welcome

In accordance with Government Guidelines we are promoting ‘Hands, Face, Space’ and ask that you wear your face covering to our meetings.

Werrington Local History Group



October 2020

In the previous news item we were upbeat about our future programme of talks. Sadly, continuous changes to the guidance on public meetings do not make resuming the programme either practical or safe.

To be fair to our speakers we have decided to cancel the talks for the rest of this year and the beginning of 2021. We will continue to review the situation and what may be possible in the future.

In the meantime stay safe.

Werrington Local History Group

About Us


We are still active and constantly reviewing the situation regarding restarting our talks but our priority is that we can only do that when we are assured of your safety.
Meanwhile we have been busy. We have contacted some of the brilliant speakers you will have missed because of the pandemic and rebooked for a future date.

Bees and Beekeeping

Sue Jakeman will tell us everything that we ever wanted to know about bees and beekeeping and comes fully equipped for the part in bee suit and hive. Hopefully without the bees.
And if you’re a “Come Dancing “ fan, Sue has also offered to tell us about about the life and times of Peggy Spencer from teaching dancing lessons in the underground during the war to the favorite television series.

“It could only happen at a wedding!”

Another hilarious-sometimes sad talk from Margaret Burgon, recounting weddings she has experienced during 47 years as a vicar’s wife.

Baby Murderer?

Sophie Mitchell, an Historical Sherlock Holmes delves through the records to shed a light on crimes of yesteryear in Peterborough (and Werrington!)

Beginner’s House History

Debbie Freason and Carole Bancroft will tell you how to go about reconstructing the history of your house and if you live in a modern one- no matter because they will also share some fascinating anecdotes about their time recording rural buildings.

Lost and found !
No, not a talk but a reminder that from time to time some of our membership leave things behind after the meeting everything from cutlery to A Father Christmas singing Elvis Presley songs.
Anyone who thinks they might have left something behind during the year please contact a committee member.

Werrington Local History Group

About Us

The Werrington Local History Group meetings .. “an Update”

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We still have to continue the cancellation of our monthly meetings until further notice.

Hopefully we will soon be able to restart and
although advice is changing almost daily,
you will appreciate the difficulty
in giving future speakers fair notice.

Above all your safety is paramount and we will keep you updated as the situation changes.

Keep safe
WLHG Committee

Werrington Local History Group

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In accordance with UK Government guidance issued 16 March 2020.
The April meeting of WLHG has been cancelled.

Please check back for details of future meetings.

About WLHG

April Meeting



Everything that you ever wanted to know about bees and beekeeping.
Sue gives her fascinating talk on the subject, and comes all equipped for the part; complete with bee suit, hive (empty) and honey if she has any.

2nd April 2020

at 7.30pm

Werrington Parish Village Centre

All Welcome

Guests £3.00

Programme to October 2020